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The Local Governing Body

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The Local Governing Body – Interim Board

After failing to appoint a Chair or Vice Chair of the Yox Valley Partnership Local Governing Body at two consecutive meetings, the Consortium Multi Academy Trust has now appointed an Interim Board with immediate effect.  The Interim Board will take the place of the Local Governing Body until it is re-established.

The Interim Board will comprise of Mrs Carman-Jones, Mr Slater-Robins,  Mr Aalders-Dunthorne and our Academy Head, Miss Gail Jerman.

The Trust will be working with both schools to secure an effective Local Governing Body moving forward.  New parent and staff elections will be scheduled for after the May 2018 half-term.  The search for community based co-opted governors is underway and former members of the Local Governing Body have been invited to stand for election or seek re-approval is they wish to.



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